Senin, 08 Februari 2010

Storing food with aluminum foil

As we all know that food is a product that has a limited time period to be well consumed, healthy and of course delicious taste. Far from ordinary foods that we make, the food manufacturers that certainly use any preservatives matters to added, still have quality time limit (expiration), it is usually included with the term of "best before".
And then we all know that the use of foil material is very useful in food preservation are stored. Just make sure that all consumer products that we can buy are always in a foil package, right? Starting from chips, biscuits, nuggets, bacon, cooking, and even cigarettes were covered with a layer of aluminum foil. Even if you buy a chocolate bar must also be protected with the almununium foil, isn't it true?
Okay, we can narrowing the topic of our discussion on one product, chocolate. Why does it use aluminum foil? The explanation is always easy and is associated with preservation of the earth.
  1. By wrapping the chocolate with the aluminum foil, the temperature will be kept locked as stable as it possible so that the integrity of any stay to remaining.
  2. By wrapping chocolate with aluminum foil as well (tight), then the pure chocolate flavor will not be lost because of off to the air, or mixed with other flavors smell from the outside environtment.
  3. Aluminum foil to keep levels closely enough so as not to lose the fat because it is absorbed by other packaging than aluminum foil.
  4. There's something to do by the ions contained in the aluminum can be well symbioting to the chocolate. But, this is can not be certainly as the truth and its benefits reason before it proven.
  5. Aluminum is the material of the earth's minerals, so it's very friendly to the environment. Compare this with the use of plastic waste that needs of millions years for the recycling by the earth - or the use of paper instead spent millions of trees as the lungs of the world - or the use of Styrofoam is very dangerous to our health.
  6. The use of aluminum foil more easily in storage, packaging until the unpackaging to be consume. Imagine if you buy Silver Queen (Chocolate bar) wrapped in plastic, hard to be open to eat ...
From the several factors above, we might conclude that the use of aluminum foil as a wrap in the process of storage or preservation of food while it is the best method that can be applied by humans. Both from the standpoint of food quality, consumer health and environmental friendliness.
Find and choose the best thing to wrap and preserve your food, such as using the alumunium foil.
So what you still will faithfully keep your food in plastic?

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